-Alternate- (Oddy)

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-Alternate- (Oddy)

PostPosted by Raika » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:19 pm

[[Note: This character is a version from an alternate timeline, and does not affect the version that has been played on this site to this point.]]

Death had come.

A struggle for rebirth.

And now a demon stood in silence in a world of snowy mountains, looking out at a world not her own, remembering the snowy mountains she had known most of her life, the ancient forests, the village destroyed and gone, all of the people she had known.

From what she had gathered, this was a different dimension entirely, one where it was not jutsu, but "magic", and only a select group used chakra, while most used "aether", which... really just looked the same as chakra, from what she could tell.

She had found two people who did not fear her, who befriended her. And so she now lived in seclusion, looking for a way to return home, to save her loved ones from a threat she could not remember, but had driven her to go so far as to discard humanity in order to return after dying from whatever it was she had fought.

Now she was a creature with the basic form of a human, but lightning blue scales were patched everywhere, centering most on her flat chest and stomach, like a dragon's underbelly, as well as her hands and feet--which had become clawed with deadly sharpness--and a dragon skull hid the top half of her head from view, eye sockets filled of void and one horn broken near the base, a single marking, like a scar, over the left eye socket in the shape of a lightning bolt. A human chin and lips could be seen beneath the fanged skull, and from its rear, a long mane of silver hair fell to below her waist, thin, short spikes peeking through along her spine in places, while a long, whip-like tail with a sharp, spear-like ending was coiled loosely around her as she sat, a loose black cloak, hood and all, resting in her lap as clawed hands absently carved a bit of wood into a simple dragon.

She barely stirred at the noises that approached, left eye socket suddenly glowing will-o'-whisp blue as turned her head in the direction of their source, standing and throwing on her cloak to help hide her form as she waited for the approach that would come.
(Kudos to Arzur for making the pic! ;D )
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