Hana Saihoushi - A Rebirth

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Hana Saihoushi - A Rebirth

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:17 am

Name: Hana Saihoushi
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Bloodline: Saihoushi
Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Specialty: Clan Training, Puppetry
Element: None

History: As a young girl, Hana only wanted to ever be a famous fashion designer, like so many other young girls of the Saihoushi clan. But at the age of 13, Hana was confronted with a frightening experience when mysterious men tried to kidnap her twin brothers. Using her Nunojutsu, Hana fought back and drove off the kidnappers. From then on, she wanted to use her skills to protect others.

At age 16 Hana went to Sunagakure to begin her shinobi training in earnest. Hana was often at the bottom of the class, as most of her peers had been training since they were old enough to walk, and Hana had only begun three years prior with the local village guards. Still, Hana remained undeterred and pushed herself to gain better and better control of her skills.

Unfortunately, during her harrowing Chuunin exam, Hana was severely injured. She was recovered by the Rokudaime Kazekage, Kioku Kyuuchi, and was given immediate medical attention. It was too little too late, however, and Hana’s control of her chakra was severely diminished, lessened to only control of her Nunojutsu.

With her shinobi career in danger, Hana has devoted her mind to finding alternative ways of accomplishing her goals of defending those who cannot defend themselves.
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