Tsuyoi - Rebirth Series

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Tsuyoi - Rebirth Series

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:23 pm

Name: Tsuyoi
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Bloodline: -
Village: Westlands
Rank: B-Ranked
Specialty: Extreme Strength
Element: Earth

History: In one of the many bijuu battles, the essence and power of the Ichibi was outright destroyed by Barret Gou. The power was dissipated throughout the world and it was assumed for a time that the Ichibi, the one-tailed demon, was forever lost.

It was not.

It is unknown how the power manifested into Tsuyoi’s mother. There are whispers of a cult. There are theories that the huge amount of chakra must ALWAYS be manifested into that form so long as the Juuchibi is not formed. What is known is that it granted her extreme strength and nigh-invulnerability to any of the physical or elemental assaults the shinobi world can create. her body mixes with an intense source of Earth chakra, making her body unbreakable.

When Tsuyoi’s mother died, she had to fight to survive, literally. A man found Tsuyoi’s unbreakable body a benefit to an underground fighting ring. Tsuyoi learned the hard way to fight bakc, and by age 10 she decided she didn’t need to do that anymore. Instead, she started to fight back, learning to draw on her power and tried to help those who couldn’t help themselves. That resulted in her becoming a strange sort of savior-figure amongst the towns of the Westlands. Her name became more of a title than a name, and she fights against the injustices of the Westlands how she can - though the more powerful organized crime groups of the Westlands are beyond her.
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