Patrol (Open, I guess?)

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Patrol (Open, I guess?)

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:51 pm

(I don't know where I'm going with this but if you feel like jumping in, go for it.)

I’m sorry, Hana. The damage to your chakra network is extensive. I’ve done all I can, but this type of damage is usually…permanent.

The Rokudaime Kazekage, Kioku Kyuuchi, had told Hana the news while she still lay half-suspended in a hospital bed.

She hadn’t talked to her since. Not directly. Maybe it was guilt, not that she had anything to be guilty about. She was one of the top medical minds in the world, and if she said there was nothing that could be done…then there was nothing that could be done.

Nothing…to be…done!

Hana pulled up on the bar, curling herself inward. A bead of sweat rolled down her bareback, gathered at the tip of her spine, and then fell to the floor. She let out a grunt and dropped off the bar, landing on the balls of her feet. She turned to face the full-length mirror propped up against her closet.

She wore only a sports bra and tight shorts, allowing her to examine her belly and the starburst puncture scar that marred most of it. That was where the sword had exploded through her. That was where her career might have ended.

But she was in crazy great shape!

I mean, why not, right, if I can’t draw on chakra to do most of my power, then the body just has to keep up…” She guzzled down some of the nin-ade and let out a sigh. The endless workout was becoming addicting, but she couldn’t burn herself out. Not tonight, not when there were things to do.

She turned to face the bed. Laid out on the bed was a wide-sleeved cloak, of the same cut and style she had used during her commission with the international ANBU. It was not the same cloak, however - one side was a dusty sand-brown while the other was a deep midnight blue. Both colors were not flat, but had a subtle gradient texturing to them that confused the eye to make it look like sand either in the day or night.

Beside that cloak was the mask - a standard ANBU kitsune mask. It didn’t feel like the right mask to her, but she hadn’t decided on a better one. She wasn’t ANBU, though she still had the right to wear it. But it wasn’t on behalf of ANBU that she was doing it, it was on behalf of…

She clicked her tongue, knowing she’d think of the answer later.

Beside that was the harness.

The harness attached to her back and held four spools of chakra-treated thread, two at her shoulder blades and two at her hips. The threads were then run along the limbs of her harness, allowing them to dispense under the control of her Nunojutsu. Even with a damaged chakra network, Nunojutsu was still an ability she had.

She set up the harness, followed by her old ANBU equipment - pants, flak vest and belt, including the usual kunai and shuriken. She pulled the cloak over her head and slipped the mask on.

Pretty terrifying…” she held up a midnight blue sleeve and compared it to the windy night sky. It would do well for what she needed.

She stood for a few moments. Was this crazy? Shouldn’t she just go home, while she still could move all of her limbs, while she was still alive? She’d gotten lucky the first time, was she just pushing her luck here? Was this suicide?

You can help out around the village, there is certainly a lot of work to do. But I’m afraid your role will be limited.

She went out the door.
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