Tsuuki Koumori - Epilogue Edition

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Tsuuki Koumori - Epilogue Edition

PostPosted by Tsuuki » Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:21 pm

Name: Tsuuki Koumori
Bloodline: Koumori
Gender: Male
Age: 60

Nationality: Kumogakure
Allegiance: Wanderer
Rank: Sage (S-Rank)
Notable Influence: Rokubi

Specialty: Genin - Ninjutsu; Chuunin - Chakra Control; Jounin - Advanced Element; S-Rank - Fuuinjutsu
Element: Flight [Wind + Fire]; Control over Air and Atmospheric Pressure; Creation of Buoyant, High-Propulsion Energy; Catastrophic Pressure and Vacuum Techniques

The legendary Bat-Nin of Kumogakure has more-or-less aged into the style he's carried since adolescence. His dreads, now ashy white with streaks of grayed blue, are overgrown into a ropey mane, the tales of decades woven into the locks in the form of talismans, trinkets, tattered fabrics, and other adornments. His facial hair has not been trimmed in a great while, a robust beard and mustache continuation of the mess sprouting from his head from which only his nose and tattooed cheek bones can be seen--and of course, the signature bat-like ears of a Koumori, drooping with age and frayed with battles past. His eyes remain covered by this mop of hair, inconsequential since they perpetually remain shut as Tsuuki relies on all his other senses. If he were to open them, his right eye faintly glows and distinctly resembles the surface of the moon, while his left eye is as black as a bottomless pit, reflecting no shine from its surface whatsoever.

He still wears the raven feather-trimmed coat of his youth, bearing the faded crescent-moon-and-cloud symbol of the Koumori on its back, and nothing else covering his extensively tattooed torso. His raggedy Kumo forehead protector is worn like a sash around his skinny waist, and a modest pair of baggy black pants below that. He still goes shoeless, revealing his long, clawed, rodent-like feet. No longer with him is his iconic giant shuriken Tasogare, nor does he appear to carry any other sort of weapon on his body. Instead, he rides on a floating two-meter-wide chunk of grassy earth, sitting in the lotus position beneath a modest but leafy sapling that serves as a parasol to him. More often than not, his beloved blood-jade pipe is planted weightlessly into his hidden lips, puffing like a smokestack as he travels along.

Much like his appearance, many of Tsuuki's characteristics have not only remained but been refined due to his age. For instance, he remains jovial and easy-going, yet with far less exuberance and at a deliberately slower pace. This tranquil, almost detached regard for any pressing events surrounding him has replaced all displays of emotional extremes, his responses to problems usually consisting of a dismissive laugh or philosophical musing. Coinciding with his personal lack of weaponry, Tsuuki has lost his enthusiasm for battle and prefers peaceful resolution, committed to non-lethal tactics when forced to fight. His thirst for alcohol and habit of smoking has, if anything, increased over the years, yet where it seemed to have been "for fun" in the past now appears to be a form of self-prescribed life support.

Although his body and spirits seem to have aged well, often it shows that his mind is increasingly slipping towards senility. His attention is easily drawn away from conversations or issues at hand, seeming to prefer contemplating a leaf in a breeze or the sound of running water to any personal interaction. He has chronic narcolepsy, prone to drift into slumber without notice by those around him due to his hair-hidden face and ability to continue smoking even while asleep. Strangest of all, at least to those that don't know him, is his habit to respond aloud to "voices" that he hears. While mostly belonging to the Rokubi that dwells within him, he has at times claimed to be addressing spirits of nature, or even the dead.

Relationship with Rokubi:
Compared to many other Jinchuuriki, the relationship between Tsuuki and the Rokubi is amiable, resembling more of a friendly partnership than a host/demon dynamic. Much of this success owes to the overlapping natures of Tsuuki and the six-tailed beast, whose tails took on the shape and function of wings due to the demon's affinity for flight and high altitudes--and found great liberation through the similar tendencies already established in Tsuuki. It has come to be that the two evenly share the same body and mind, with the Rokubi as a sort of unseen, unheard second head of Tsuuki, although at times Tsuuki can be overheard replying aloud to a notion whispered in his ear by the demon.

Of course, there is a dark-side to the Rokubi, a fierce rivalry for air superiority that froths to violently strike anything down that dared to share its sky, but over the years this has been pacified by Tsuuki's practiced pacifism and continuous sedation through booze and herbs. However, under threat or desperation, Tsuuki allows the Rokubi to take over and slate its ancient thirst for carnage against their common enemies.

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