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Meimu wrote:Almost nothing here.. so here you guys go. XD
Name of Character: Yuuka Arata
Name of Demon or Spirit: Rumeian no Daikirai (Red Shade of Hate) or Takai (High Death)

Location of the Seal: The seal is placed in between of Yuuka's shoulder blades, but lowered to a certain extent to her chest area. Her outfit top usually covers the seal. The seal itself looks like a weird shape of circles and triangles. Each level looks differant from the others, and have a different spread affect.

Demon/Spirit Gender: Female
Demon/Spirit’s Age: About 200 hundred or so.

Looks: Appearing at first as a mutated creature of wolfish and bird like qualities, the true form of Rumeian no Daikirai is actually human like. But the first form is seeable by all, the pure black wolf shaped creature. It's paws are deformed into bird like claws, but are still paws. It's head is also wolf like, but the edge of it has several spikes sticking out. It has a chinese dragon like tail, the fur on top being a darker shade of black then the tail itself. It also has two large bat-like wings, each equiped with a spike at the begining of the skin line and one at the end of each bone. This is the shape it often uses to protect Yuuka, seeing as it's frightening enough to scare others. The eyes are of a pure white, and in this form, it's known as Rumeian no Daikirai. The second form it holds is more humanoid in shape. This means, it has two arms and two legs, a chest area and a face, with the normal number of eyes, nose and mouth. The skin of the spirit is pure white, the complete black hair and msotly blakc outfit contrasting with it greatly. The outfit is a strapless corset, black in color, with a strapless top covering the remaining naked areas. On the female spirit's right arm, there lies an arm band of black lace, placed on her upper arm in the direct center of her shoulder and elbow. On her left arm, there is a black string attached in a intricate design on her upper left arm area, and there is also another of the arm bands, but a thinner one attached just under her elbow, on the lower arm. This arm also contains a braclet that dangles, and she wears a black metal ring on her pinky. On her hips, from the corset to way past her feet, the spirit wears a black fishnet like robe. On top of that, from the covering top to about her knees, she wears a marine blue skirt. She has no shoes, and a bow of thin dark blue material are elegantly placed on her lower back. Her hair is the only wierd thing about the spirit, it longer then the body and dress, but are nearly all attached to the celling of the cage, acting like her chains. There is enough of her hair lowered as to not leave the sides of her head bare, but that is it. The spirit's eyes are a piercing light blue, and it wears lots of eye make up. And placed around her neck is a thin, black choker. This form, Takai, is only visible to Yuuka and Ken. But, it can be visible to others if Yuuka is victim to a mind control, Takai directly attacking the user, or if the Arata girl uses one of her techniques to open the person's eyes to her spirit.

Personality: The nature of this spirit is made out to be mean, vicious, unholy and every other evil type of charateristics out there. The spirit's visible form represents this, making it seem so evil. But in truth, the spirit is kind, gentle, caring like Yuuka herself. Even thought the spirit ressembles Yuuka in many ways, it has also what the Arata girl does not, failings. The spirit has a sort temper, a possesive nature and sometimes lies. But, it seems to have been tammed from it's wild ways by Yuuka, the girl's kindness and passion ever so touching. The spirit, affectionnately know to Yuuka as Takai, often gives sound advice to the girl, having a certain view and analysis of a human that the innocent girl has not. It also seems to care very deeply for Yuuka, even to the point of expanding a lot of her energy to keep the girl safe and alive.

Skills/Specialties: Naturally, the spirit has a affinity with bodily elements, able to shift them to suit her needs. This aiblity passes on to Yuuka in the way that the girl can make her nails grow and retract, extend her canin teeth into fangs, and use her hair as a weapon. It's harder to control the hair, since there is many more molecules to modify then a nail or teeth. In some cases, Yuuka has been known to twist her body like a contortionist, moving out of harm's way. The seal itself also has abilities, reacting to the amount of Takai's chakra Yuuka does use at once. When using simple Rumeian no Daikirai chakra, the girl's chakra turns from a normal blue to a dark blue, the usually light color darkening with streaming with black color. The seal activates when Yuuka uses more then 75% of her own chakra, and then uses 50% of the chakra Takai holds. The seal itself, when inactive, allows some passage of the spirit's chakra into Yuuka's body. There are only 2 levels Yuuka can use at this point, even then, they can potentially kill her. In each level, there is a different pattern of spread, and different amount of spread. The spread is similar to Orochimaru's design of curse seals, but are not the same. The symbol sits in it's area, the same as the innactive one, and there is a circle of two centimeters where no spread is visible.

The first active level of the seal is nammed Shi-ru, which means Seal, first changes to a different shape. The spread of this level is a hacked line pattern, absolutely not connected, going from the two centimeter limit to about her shoulder blades, a circle from there to her lower back. When this level of the Seal is activated, Yuuka gains a slight strength and speed bost. She can also modify lightly her hands, changing molecular patterns within. This is usuable to a certain extent, like for exemple, densifying the bones, muscles and skin from one hand, taking these components from the other hand, to make it able to hold a blade in place without being cut. This ability hurt Yuuka was she uses it, and after the effects of the seal wears off, she gains all the pain she should of had when she densified one of her hands, and muscle pains in her legs and arms due to the speed and strength increases. The pain is much greater then the strength and speed bost, seeing as she can't control this ability fully yet. When it finishes, it leaves Yuuka with 10% of her chakra as well.

The second active level of the seal is nammed Seki, which means gate, first changes to a different shape. The spread of this level is a curved line pattern, the lines not touching one another. It starts from the two centimeter limit, and covers her whole back and shoulder blades, stopping when they're about to reach the front of her body and her hips. When this level of the Seal is activated, the girl gains more speed and flexibility then before. Another ability of this level is the fact that Yuuka can now swirl chakra into claws, starting from the tip of her finger bones. She can use these claws to attack, the claws physical enough to harm the opponent, but immaterial enough that many objects, suck as kunais and shuriken pass throught them. After the effects have receeded, she feels the pain of the first level, with more added pain on any of the hands she modified, and each finger tip because of the claws. There is also more muscle pain in her legs and hips, seeing as speed and flexibility comes mostly from the legs and hips. When this level is finished, it leaves Yuuka with 5% chakra as well.

History/Background Story: Once, long ago, there was a girl. She had been taken from her home, the Desert, and taken to a strange montain place. The desert girl was sold as a slave there, and was raped by many of her masters. Until, a master of the desert bought her back. The girl was always frightened of him, but he took gentle care of her. He then approched her sexually, and the soothed girl could see that he really cared. They engaged, marriying, neither knowing that what they had tried to avoid had come true. At their birth, and during their seperate young lives, prophets and fortune tellers have always said the same thing. ''You will mate with your own flesh and blood, and enjoy it'' And, they were brother and sister, thus the words of the prophets have come true. From their union, there came a child, so very differant from the people of the desert. While their skin was bronzed because of the everlasting sun, this child keep skin as pale as the never seen snow, even as she grew in the sun's light. Her hair was of the desert people, so pure black, and her eyes were also odd, radiant light blue, more vast and blue then the very sunny skies themselves. But, soon this child was muttered about, for her strange skills in moving her body. A witch, she was called, a beast, a demon by others. But, she had found her own man, one whom she could love.. she was with child, the little baby just born and put in her arms when the villagers suddenly attacked. They had been tricked into attacking the girl, by a mysterious figure dressed in all black. That same figure came to the dying girl, to where her broken body lay amongst the desert stones. ''To find your child'' it said, voice unable to be distingushed from male or female ''Go to the montains from where you were once sold. Only then, you will find your child.'' It touched the girl's forehead, and the terrifying screams kept all the children and adults awake, and the girl's husband finally came back from his trip, hearing the screams and reconizing them as his wife's. Running, he came upon the ruins of his home and his child's lifeless body. Looking further, he saw his wife, her body surronded in black swirling energy, her eyes as lifeless as their child's. A whisper of a cloak was the only thing the man heard before the black energy surged foreward, and buried itself in him. The man felt it hit, and ran, ran, and ran, until the energy had taken control, and left the village behind.

The village mourned the loss of the girl and the poor innocent baby, truly feeling no guilt at all. As they burned the body, the children and teenagers truly weeping for the dead girl, black swirling tendrils of energy spured from the flames, revealing a terrible shape. A shape of a mutated wolf, with wings of a bat. The children and teenagers weren't afraid, for they sensed the kindness of the creature. The older ones took the children, and told them to say good bye to the ones whom had hurt the wolf. All the children left, leaving the adults confused. The wolf then howled, and the childrens heard the screams. They ignored it, paying homage one last time to the child of the desert ones, before leaving the cursed land.

Soon enough, a fool hardy swordsman moved to the land, scoffing about the wolf, and brought his family with him. Maybe that's what saved him ultimately. But he started to destroy the domain, hurting the home of the wolf. Growling in hatred, it went to attack the man, leaping from the shadows, when a child appeared. The child was scared, and the wolf whimpered, before saying to the man. '' I will leave you now, but one day I will take one of your children as my own, as a offering from not having my enemity.'' the wolf diseapered, never to appear to the beweildered man, and his family again. The wolf never did come back, and the clan started to prosper. What was unknown to the family, but not the swordsman, he had cut the beast with his legendary blades. They were banished later on, hidden on the land. As they sleept, so did the wolven beast. But it awoke sooner then the weapons were found, due to the fact it had been sleeping for longer then the weapons were banished and hidden. But, it finally came for it's demand, it's price, and succeded. It raised the little baby, some of it's lessons never lost of the girl the baby had become, until it had been found. Reverting to it's wolf form, it attacked the people, the ones trying to take it's child away a second time. But, the elders were furious, and sealed the spirit within the child.

The chakra of the spirit ravaged the child's body, making her sickly. But the spirit tried to call out, but could not succed, even as the child feel into a long coma. But in the end, the child has awoken, just as the two weapons were found once again. And after the weapons left the residential area, and the girl lost her parents, the spirit of the past girl, and her host could now speak to one another. It was heaven for the girl, who had forgotten her old name. Takai was her new one now, the one she could call her own, from the child she wanted to raise. And it was more precious to the spirit then it's old life, for this one was really better. This time, she would protect the child with all she had, using everything to make the girl feel happy, and live longer.
Demon/Spiritual Seal Template –
Name of Character: Meimu Kei
Name of Demon or Spirit: Saber (Unknown at the moment)
Location of the Seal: In the Sword, a Red Jewel within it.
Demon/Spirit Gender: Female
Demon/Spirit’s Age: About 1500

Looks: Saber is a beautiful girl, her beauty rather stunning to the eye of anyone that sees her. She stands at 5 feet tall, and she weights about 92 lbs. Her hair is a golden blonde, it's silky and shiny, especially in any kind of light. Most of her hair is braided, a blue ribbon leaving it all tied in, but her bangs and some other hair is let loose, simply adding to her elegance. This beautiful hair also let her lovely emerald green eyes come into play, their normal piercing look filled with a soothing calmness and an apparent faith in those she serves. Her eyes are unique in the fact that they can go pupiless, the black draining to the same green as her eyes. Her mouth is also often neutral, but can let forth an angry shout, the expression rather ferocious. Her outfit itself is rather strange, a mixture of armor and olden clothes. Her clothes themselves are several layers of clothing, like they did with the nobility back then. But it's rather modernized now. First, undergarments of the white color, made of cotton fabric, the bra being strapless. On top of that, a cotton dress which reaches up to her tighs, and shouldeless as well. A white corset is set on top of that as well. Now, her bottom piece is a belly reaching white coton skirt first, the bottom elegantly ripped and embroided with a yellow design. Going over that is another skirt, opening in a V fashion in the front, the opening stiched with a yellow frame, which also goes over ever exposed edges. There is also two yellow ribbons hanging in the air. Her upper area has a white cloth top that is sitched to a blue cloth and has no sholders once again. On top of that, there is a sort of soulder and coat vestment placed on her, the shoulders wide and puffy like those time, and a neck band covering her throat. Also, the shirt is empty where most of the white cloth is placed, and the sides are embroidered in that same yellow border. There are buttons to keep the front in place as well. Her armor necessitates a cloth to cover the open areas on her chest, and it's connected to the neck plate on the armor itself and it reaches her ankles hiding the opening of her dress mostly as well and there is a design on it, yellow like the other embroidery and yellow jewels attached to it. Her front armor covers some of her throat, the chest and some of the back. There is a brown corset and attachements on the armor to keep it in place. Both of her sides are amored as well with plate legs that seem like shields. She also wears armored arm plates and gloves. Saber also wears armor boots over her shoes, to protect them as well.

Meimu cannot see nor sense her at her current Genin strength. She knows Saber as the voice in the back of her head, a concience. Not that Meimu needs one, it simply calls to her. The girl cannot see the spirit but others can, sometimes see a armored version near her.

Personality: Saber is rather calm, unlike most spirits placed in any type of seal. She is very honor driven, challenging any and all whom dare try to besmirch her honor, personnally or professionally. She is able to listen to others, being more like a mother to the weilders of her sword, then she'd like. She has a caring heart, always willing to help and is a ferocious fighter. When irratated, Saber may shut someone out, but when she is angry, her wrath can take no bound. She has high charisma, able to get many people to work with her, and is rather seen as a calm, but faithful person. She prefers not wearing formal wear, detesting it a lot and loves stuffed lions... strangely. The girl also destests perverted old men, and wrong doers, those that prefer to live without honor. Actually, she seems a lot like a knight, surpressing her emotions in order to do her duty, and has a regal bearing, a certain grace and dignity around her that seem absent to most of her squad.. She also is quite good at gymnastics and gambling, and loves the color blue. Strangely, if anyone gives her forceful orders, either abusing of her loyalty, or making her betray her faiths, she will hold that person in contempt for a long time, and she will kill or disobey said person. Also, if anyone dares break their oath to her, they will either be eliminated or simply left by the girl.

Skills/Specialties: She is an expert sword weilder, and has great charisma. She has a perfect control over the wind element and is amazing when her full strength is displayed. She is the definition of what a kingdom ruler should be, her grace flowing ever so softly within Meimu. Also, Saber has several skills, one of which she can sense people's emotions and evaluate them perfectly. This skill only goes measily throught the sword, only able to sense high emotions. Apart from that, not much is known about the skills of this spirit, but once Meimu gets stronger, more is vertain to be known.

History/Background Story:

This is what as she is known, for she was a spirit servant for many long years, serving the ancestors of the Shinigami. She knows more about them then one would think, for even among the elder shinigami she looks young. In fact, she is old enough to have seen the begining of many legends and to have fought the Ancient Wars. Her wisdom is large, and her loyalty absolute, however, she once participated in the Wars known as '' The Holy Grail Wars". And even before that, she has had a life, a heroic one... and this is her story, from then until now.

~ The begining of her life: Birth and the early childhood {0-5} ~

Saber was born under another name, one better known by the world. However, no one seems to know that it is her. She was born to a king and queen, a royal child. But, there was misery at the time, and the king knew that sexism would not allow a girl child to rule the kingdom. His heart beget by regrets, and sad enough for his newborn daughter, he and his wife gave the child to a wise wizard, one condemed by the people as a ''trickster''. In fact, this wizard was no such thing, he was simply a hermit living in the woods, studying his magic and learning much of nature by living within it rather then living with humans. The man took the child, promising the king and queen to find good parents to raise the child, to help her grow into an independant and lovable person. Thus, he choose an oddset and infertile pair of parents. An elven girl, Aliath Pureheart, and her half elf husband, Azaroth Hawkeye. They took in the little child and lovingly adored her.

Aliath Pathbearer was the daughter of a Elven Chief's daughter, and was meant to inherit his position when the elder man would pass away. She was of the Ventus Tribe, the people following the teachings of Venterimos, the Wind God. They were always kind and just, and slightly dreamy as well. Aliath was no exception, often staring into space, thinking or doing something artistic. She was an absolute sweet heart, and the whole Ventus clan loved her very much. She was about four feet nine, slightly shorter then her adopted daughter. However, she had a beautiful head of blonde hair, but they were slighter of a more firey quality then her surrogate daughter's. Her eyes are green also, but a forest green, one full of life and joy that could send the most delicate shivers down Azaroth's spine. Her skin was tanned, for she spent much time out in the sun, and she often wore greens and browns, but always wore that enchanted winged headband. Also another keepsake is the feathered black choker that she wore.

Azaroth Haweye, a cold and slightly arrogant half-elf. He was supposedly implicated in a strange religion, one where the preacher said that emotions were only in the way and they would kill the world. The male himself was rumored to be quite high in that religion, but there was never any proof. Adopted by a noble and his wife, the boy was raised in the lap of luxury, but of lonliness as well, since no one liked half elves that much. However, his adoptive parents were very kind and loving and they treated the boy like their own. He stands at five feet one, and has rather short, silver hair, evidence of his descent. His skin is rather pale, and his sapphire blue eyes can simply mezmerise someone. Some say he's a descendent of the Glacies Tribe, if only because of his nature and attitude. However, within, he's a very gentle soul.

Saber was given to these two, and raised as a normal baby, a small child. However, she grew faster then any of the elven and half elven children, and she was slightly disregarded for that. But, she had a rare gift, charisma, and it drew people to her, grabbing their attention. By the time she was two, while most of the other children were still in their cradle, drinking their mother's milk, the little girl was walking and exploring with those three years older then her, able to speak in their level. A remarkable child that brought much life to her adoptive parent's household and the village. She was always happy, and was already seen as sober and motherly, simply because that was her nature. She was four when someone in the village was murdered, and that simple besmirching of the village's honor made the girl angry. Her rage actually transferred into determination, all her powers focused on finding the culprit.

Her investigation took her all around the village, the people surprisingly happy to talk to a little four year old. She quickly found the murderer by the clues left, all of them pointing to the wife of the murdered man. Approching said woman, the girl went to speak, but the child's look already broke the woman's resistance. Crying and hugging the girl, begging God to help her, the woman could only admit it was a crime of passion, the man having slept with a human, on a simple whim, to spite her. She was taken away and imprisonned, but little Saber visited her everyday. It was a kind and thoughtful gesture of the girl, and it gave the murderess a reason to work and live better. The woman was released a year later, always thanking the little girl very much. The village was all impressed, a simple little girl had already grown so much on them... that's when the training started for the smart little girl.

~The Begining of Training {5-10} ~

The girl had been growing faster then the other children, her prowess already in a teenager's capacity at the simple age of four. An impressive child, who's destiny was wide open for greatness, had been generously given to them. The village sorely needed this kind of child to get back on track, to remember it's purpose and to gain life. However, the girl could not simply got into the world, unprepared and unarmed to fight. This was just a disgusting thought to the honorable village, and seeing the girl's skills at the early age she was at, they made a huge acception with her. They have accepted her into the Training Program, under special tutors, at the simple age of five. Always, had it been with the long lived residents of the village, that one was accepted at the age of seven, or nearly 700 or 350 years old. However, this girl could only live so long due to her complete human heritage, and thus they decide to teach her what they could now.

That's when her life changed, and when the whole world became something new and exciting to the little girl. Her mother, Aliath, was an excellent archer and summoner, being awefully reknowned for those skills among the tribes. Her father, also someone really powerful, was much more influent in the ways of elemental magic. But the girl, very curious, wanted to meet other tutors then just her parents, because they had already begun teaching her the simple things of magic. That's when he came. The noble wizard, the powerful man that had left her with this village in the first place. Smiling he did come, brining himself with dignity to the village, and he asked to speak with her. Her, the little human girl! She walked to him, and he smiled and nodded to the parents. He asked very politely if he could borrow her, say for a few years? He wanted to train her, and that was a rare offer indeed. Only she had been chosen, and her parents, honored, accepted, sending their daughter off with this awefully nice and amazing wizard.

Thus she came to live in the woods, gleaning their food from nature in a peaceful way, and began Saber's training. At first, it had all been magic, piled upon her montain high, using all her good skills to keep up with it. During the fith and half of the sixth year of her life, the girl simply studided magic. How light magic beat darkmagic who beat anima type magic who in turn beat light magic. But also differant methods of magic, first mana, an everflowing life force that was present everywhere. In the montains, the woods, in humans, every where, like an omnipresent being. Then there was chakra, that was contained in every human and animal, that helped their natural abilities along. It was also able to be manipulated, but the way how too hadn't been discovered. And then, Spirit Force. The force that uses one's spirit powers to test it, to bring forth the power within. It was quickly discovered that Saber could use this mysterious force, and that the nice wizard, whom called himself Mystery, could teach her how to wield it.

She had to concentrate on it's training during the rest of her sixth year, working herself to exhaustion ever day, rising that strange power up and down, expelling it and forming it into something. However, molding chakra was made with concentration and handseals, so Spirit Force was molded by incantations and inner faith. Saber had tried everything and slowly discovered the key points to using Spirit Energy. However, Mystery had decided it was time to do something else, something slightly more dangerous. Summoning and weapon training. For this, he brought the girl's mother and father to train her, and train they did. In the morning, summoning excercises, and in the afternoons, weapons practise. And, to finish off the day, casting and political discussions before bed. This rigorous training schedule endered until her tenth birthday.

~The Fruits of Success {10-12} ~

Of course, returning to the village stronger then ever before was a slight challenge for the girl, for all those she knew had stayed the same. But no matter, there was always some one willing to be her friend, and it comforted her knowing that. Still continuing her training, but with a better weapon's master, the girl slowly began to master the sword, beating even adults with her swordplay. Still having fun with her life, the girl began to explore more and more, and also started to become kinder and much calmer then most. But she held honor high above all, and every one knew it. Her name was known and whispered with awe, all the little elflings wanting to be like their fast growing friend.

At age elven, something was happening to Saber. Training was important, but that empty feeling, that aching hole in her chest was not fillable by her parent's soothing words and caress anymore. She missed Mystery a lot, and also the creatures she had gotten to meet in her time with him. Always sighing and looking slightly depressed, the parents of the girl couldn't simply stand by and watch her wither away. They invited Mystery and all the animals she had met to come over for a day, to cheer up the poor child. It did the trick, and she was happy once more. And Mystery, impressed with her growth, gave the girl a strange pendant. It was a pure black stone, and when it touched her chest, it melted within her. Mystery simply smiled and told her that this was a charm to protect her. Accepting the story, the girl celebrated her twelth birthday with happiness.

~ The Deceit {12-14} ~

Right after her twelth birthday, Saber could hear something, a dark and foreign voice in the back of her mind. It urged her to defend her honor, even thought at times it wasn't even insulted. It urged her to fight for blood, to see the bright red liquid burst from her enemies. She started having nightmares, in which a strange woman stood over her, laughing at her evil deeds within the dream. Saber would often wake from these dreams in a sweat and shaking. The girl could not place where these things came from, and often touched the mark of the pendant that Mystery had given her. She could swear at times it glowed, as if to comfort her. And the strange thing was, that it soothe her, calmed her down and made her normal again. It was peaceful, and happy in the village.

Then they started. A full year after reciving the pendant, people began to die, killed mysteriously in their homes. Tried as she might, Saber could not locate the source of these killings. She also started to recieve strange blanks in her memory, but the girl would not mention them to anyone, especially not her parents. Soon enough, Mystery came to town, to see if everything was going alright. Saber could only shrug and show the graves. For a single instant, the girl had thought she had seen a sinister smile come onto the wizard's face. But she blinked and it was gone. What could this mean? Then, the murders became more violent and Saber more confused. She began to feel mood swings and dark thoughts enter her mind. Was she the murderer? she had often asked herself, sitting alone at a desk.

Fourteen years old now. Nearly 50 people dead, all murdered within the year. The whole town was paranoid, and it started to shut on itself, refusing the outside world. They began to watch the others more carefully and slowly became cowardly and manipulative. However, some like her mother and father kept their virtues, and lived the best they could, not wanting to become like normal humans. One day, Saber suffered a rather vicious headache and had hurt some one in practice. Their blood had sprung forth, and the girl was absolutely fascinated by it. Then, something began to materilize on her face, a slight subtle change. Her eye pupil had retreated and they had become a sickly yellow. Her skin paled, and her hair darkened. All of a sudden, her clothes became black where they had been blue and her amor black as well. She grinned, and still concious of her action, killed her sparring partner.

Panic ensued and every tried to stood the demonic girl. Soon enough, she had killed enough people to stain her armor, russlets of blood always leaving their mark. Her lips became a rosy red, an after effect at tasting the blood and eating their souls. This was not Saber, as she suddenly turned to a figure, before attacking her adoptive parents. The figure was at first male, reconizable as Mystery and a single hand gesture unleashed her power. She killed her parents effortlessly and with no remorse. Then turning to Mystery who's evil grin turned her back to normal, the girl's eyes widened. Everything had been destroyed, every one killed. Starring at the male, she could only ask weakly one single question. ''Why?'' she had asked. Then it came out, the whole story.

There had never been a single doubt about the girl's destiny. A weapon, to be used by this magician as wanted. The magician dropped the diguise of Mystery, having used the man's reputation to create a perfect Servant. It was a woman, her hair pure purple and magenta eyes filled with hate towards the world. It was Sal, the harlot of these parts, the only one that the Magicans considered too dangerous to live. And this was proof, for she had twisted the life of a single girl to gain what she wanted. Saber was enraged, but when she brought her sword to fell the witch, another identical blade met hers. A clone!? But no, it was the Saber from earlier, the one Sal called Dark Saber. It was only an illusion, but the true one took over, slowly expulsing Saber from herself. It was painful, being ripped and torn from her body like that.

However, Sal hadn't counted on Saber's astral body, her spiritual form. She escaped just before being devored by herself, and fled. Fleeing for several days, she cried out to the strongest power possible. The world. It answered her call and gave her a zanpakto and it seath. Then,the girl fought off her old self, and killed the body. She also killed Sal, dispatching the demon back to hell. Then, she simply left, a ghost on the winds.

~ The Sad Truth {16-now} ~

Sadly enough, Saber disepeared, only appearing in times of great conflicts, like the Holy Grail War. Serving under Arthur and as the Fourteenth Knight of the Round Table, she had fought to bring justice to the world, with a party that was as variously differant from the others. They fought bravely and the Heros faded again, only to be called in times of great dires.

And so it had been, for a long time, and Saber, the strongest of them, was always the first. This time, she had been ressurected as a sealed being, stuck inside her own sword. Going as average as one could be, this girl's genius and vast knowledge had been forgotten, and slowly relearned like a babe learning to walk. In her sealed state, the girl could only wait in the tomb for someone to come back, to take her, and weild her strength once more.
Name of Character: Kagamine Rin
Name of Demon or Spirit: Kakumau Haikan
Location of the Seal: The seal is located on her back, in the great large shape of a heart, the intricate designs given to the seal very elegant and beautiful. It spreads along her back and seems almost like the color of her skin until she calls upon Kakumau's power.
Demon/Spirit Gender: Genderless
Demon/Spirit’s Age: Unknown

Looks: Kakumau's shape is indistinct to human eyes, mostly a sort of light colored vapor that surrounds Rin if one can sense spirits and demons. The sheer kindness of the spirit is reflected within this vapor, and the shape that Rin sees in her mind is a sort of two headed bird, with both red and blue eyes. It has irradescent golden, red and purple feathers, looking majestic and powerful. This shape is seen by others when Rin accesses the chakra and prepares to use it. The creature's song is a beautiful trill with a low undertone, being both angelic and demonic at once. The creature seems to be very reclusive, appearing only rarely in Rin's dreams, but the voice of advice it provides is sound and is only heard by Rin, whom often by not following that advice brings folly to her life.

Personality: Kakumau is very quiet and almost unnoticed within Rin's mind, unlike the Rokubi within Len. The spirit is kind, gentle and docile, never forcing it's chakra upon Rin, except for the first and only time it has shown itself. Only in dire circumstances will the spirit force anything and even then, it prefers not to. A pacifist by nature, it does not use it's powers for fighting and refuses to do so, otherwise freely lending it's chakra to the girl if she is protecting someone.

Skills/Specialties: Kakumau is a source of healing chakra, chakra and a chakra control specialist. What it does for Rin at her genin state, is heal her injuries a bit faster then a normal human would have, for the cost of a bit of her sleep. It can boost her healing techniques when it's chakra is used along side them, and has a large supply of chakra, about twice the size of Rin's. However, at Genin, she can only access a forth of that chakra, and every so often feels faint or dizzy. [required once per RP] It can also allow Rin to control her chakra, but when she accesses that chakra control, wings of irradescent colors grow on her back and remain until she tires out or the chakra that she can use of Kakumau runs out. She cannot do more then float with those wings. Once the wings disperse, she faints immidiately in the following moments and does not recover for a good two-three posts.

History/Background Story: Twelve long years ago, the Rokubi was sealed within a child, the male of a pair of twins. However, the female child had also been effected by the sealing, as the sudden reaving of her link to her twin had driven the child to tears, crying softly. A soft white light seemed to glow around the child, and there was another present, another person with sealing powers. With a soft smile, the man of golden and black hair looked at the white light and sighed. ''So be it.'' was the rumbling voice, as a flash of light surrounded the female twin. From then on, the spirit sealed within the girl had been docile and tranquil, only appearing once in Rin's lifetime so far. This was within the sand worm that had eaten them, where her brother's bijuu powers almost imolated her along with the worm, but the prescence of the protecting spirit shielded her. It has one purpose, as it wanted to be sealed within the girl, and that was to protect the only link of control meant to the Rokubi's host, as kindness and love flowed throught the gentle spirit.

Considering the number of characters you have I think I should be glad that there were only three of these.

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