Kiiro's seals.

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Re: Kiiro's seals.

PostPosted by Tomoushii » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:45 am

Tenkyou wrote:Type Of Seal: Summoning
Name of Sealed Technique: N/A
Location of the Seal: On the back of each hand.
Creation: Kiiro put it on himself
Rank of the Seal: D
Preparations: Kiiro must touch the seal and insert chakra into it and he gets his needed weapon.
Effects on Target: No special effects except the user throwing projectiles at them.
Negative Effects of Seal: Takes chakra, barely any to summon the weapon.
Seal Info: In battle Kiiro can only summon up to 50 shuriken, 20 kunai, 100 senbon, 5 windmill shuriken, 1 rigged windmill shuriken(rigged ones break when you pull a string and the pieces go flying), 30 exploding notes, and 10 smoke bombs. This is not at once each weapon must be summoned separately.

Type Of Seal: Jutsu
Name of Sealed Technique: Chakra
Location of the Seal: The front of the neck
Creation: Kiiro put it on himself.
Rank of the Seal: C
Preparations: Kiiro beforehand must have already put chakra into it to be saved. To activate it Kiiro has to do the handseals, Dragon, Horse, Rat, Rabbit and concentrate chakra. The seal will start to spin on his neck . Once that is done Kiiro gets charka that his bugs cannot touch.
Effects on Target: The user is able to use chakra they have stored from before, and the other jutsu. Since Kiiro is an Aburame it is very useful. Kiiro’s bugs cannot get to the chakra for as it runs through Kiiro’s body is protected by the seal.
Negative Effects of Seal: The sealed chakra in the seal cannot be used until it is summoned again.

Character Name:Kiiro Aburame
Name of Sealing Method: Chakra Sealing
Rank: D
Preparations: The user will do the hand seals, Rabbit, Ram, Boar. After the handseals is made the user will place their middle finger and pointer finger against their neck onto the seal to insert some left over chakra.
Positive Effects on Target: The chakra can be used for later uses and is protected by Kiiro’s bugs.
Negative Effects on User:Kiiro has to give up chakra that he cannot use unless he summons it back
Seal Info:


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