Kumogakure Exam System Information

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The reclusive fort housing the survivors of Kumogakure no Sato's destruction, located in the center of Chiroptera Forest whose dangers and local superstitions provide a natural barrier to the rest of the world. Nestled in the roots of one of the ancient trees, the people here are learning to survive alongside the ancient forest, the local Koumori serving to help things along. However, carefully hidden away underneath the fort the shinobi way of life continues on in the shadows in Kumonohora....

Kumogakure Exam System Information

PostPosted by Aporo » Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:54 pm

Chuunin Exams
Chuunin Exams occur in two ways. The first is periodically we will post a sign up topic for the exams. Those who sign up and complete whatever else we ask of them at the time of signing up, will be entered. The periodical version of the exam is the old-school Three Page of self RP. Which for those who are new means, you post two complete pages of RP posts by yourself with a post spilling over onto the third page. Now I know some make very elaborate plots and such for exams so if you need more then the one post on page three go ahead, but go no further then one post on the fourth page. I know though that a few people need just one or two more posts. So if need be go ahead till the end of the fourth page but it better be worth the effort because those additional posts will be held at the same expectation of the rest of your posts.

The second method is a request. If you think your character is ready for an exam now and for whatever reason you don’t want to wait for the periodical exam, or if you missed it for RL reasons (trip, hospital, classes kicking your butt, etc). You may send me a PM requesting an exam. Be warned, I can and probably will ask for links to topics that show development for the character. The result of the threads may vary. I could give you the rank outright (very rarely will this occur, if at all. I dislike the idea of handing out ranks). I could task you with something, for example going to a village to investigate its stance with Kumogakure and see if they are making any shady deals that may harm us. Or I could give you a mission tailored to test your character’s limits, which could result in a good chance he or she could fail it. Even if he or she does fail the mission, that won’t necessarily mean you failed your exam.

Jounin Exams
Jounin is handled a bit differently, there are still two ways to get one. The first is to be nominated by a fellow mod for the rank. Meaning for example I would bring someone’s name to the other mods and they would voice their opinion and ether approve or deny. The second is to request it, but that results in the voicing of other mods’ opinions as well. The exam itself though is pretty straight forward. You are given a mission, normally an A or S ranked mission to do. This can be solo or with other people who have been given the okay for a Jounin Exam (generally though it will be kept to a maximum of two to keep it active and flowing). Since it is a Jounin Exam, the mods can play a part. Posting every so often with information; like targets location, movement patterns, etc etc the list is endless. In few cases the mod that runs the exam (the one that posts it) my elect to play the target, this is at the mod's discretion and it will be kept in a form of bounds to prevent the odds being completely stacked against you. This time though, the passing or failing of the mission play a more important role. You never know what kind of curve & knuckle balls will be given to you. Quick example might be; save a town from absolute destruction and let the target escape Kumogakure, or capture/kill the target and let the town be destroyed. So obviously, the circumstances around the passing or failing of the mission are taken more into account then with a Chuunin Exam. Don’t go expecting to make those type of choices though, it may never happen in your mission/exam.
This is to test your character, to make sure they are up to the task of being a Jounin within the village.

Any further questions can be PMed to myself or one of the Senate.

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