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Name: Lauriel Kurrani.
Age: 22.
Gender: Female.
Favorite Weapon: Hunting Bow&Arrows.
General looks:


"Oh sugar, you're too sweet.."

Lauriel drank down some sweet liquor as her lustful eyes were set upon the owner of a small alcohol shop in a quiet part of town. She had been flirting with him all night, and the mans wife wasn't so happy about it, seeing her husband flirt back with the beautiful stranger wearing very revealing clothing, with a large cloak hung behind her. She finished up the drink, placing it down onto the bar with a soft smile. Her slender fingertip lifted to brush away at her lips, making sure there wasn't a drop of liquid upon them. Lauriel was one of the first Barbarians to enter the town, so people weren't too aware of the invasion quite yet. She knew Turek had invaded another part of town a moment before her, but was too far away from it to know if he had started killing. Knowing Turek, he had already begun so she didn't really have too much time to mess around. Just then, another man sat down beside Lauriel, with a sly perverted grin, eyeing her.

"Well 'ell there beautiful, what's a fine thing like you doing here?"

"Looking for someone just like you, sugar."

"Oh-ho well, is that so huh?"


Lauriel pushed her chest out as she sat up straighter, her bust the main focus for anyone who was looking. Her arms seemed to push onto her body some, pressing her breasts together as she leaned forth towards the random, perverted man. Her eyes closed and her lips pressed softly against the mans, with the softest and sweetest kiss. But deadly. With a muttered cry of agony and gargle of death, while kissing the man Lauriel had pushed the tip of an arrow up through the bottom of the mans jaw, and into his skull. The alcohol shop owners wife begun screaming, as her husband looked shocked. They both ran out of the small shop, and up the street side by side, flailing their arms in fright.





"My leg, ahhh! Noo, noo Kento, No!"

The owners wife was on her belly, her leg had been pierced by an arrow, straight through the back of the knee and sticking out of the front. Her husband wasn't so lucky, laid down with his face in shock. A lifeless body now, with a nice little sharp accessory drilled through the back of his head, coming from one of his eyes. A pool of blood seeping from his wounds while he laid dead, his wife begun crawling away, trying to escape. Pleading and begging, whimpering and crying. She was young and beautiful. Lauriel didn't like other people being beautiful like her, that was too bad for this random village girl. Wrong place, wrong time.

Whistling a soft tune, Lauriel slowly would strut along the cobble street towards the helpless victim crying and crawling for her life. But, crawling wasn't as fast as the hip swaying barbarian. Her foot pushed down onto the back of the wounded girls thigh, and she reached down gripping the arrow and tore it from her joint, blood spurt into the air in a splash of red. Lauriel laughed some, before placing the arrow on her hunting bow again, aiming it straight down towards the back of the young ladies head. Slowly her fingers tightened around the bow string, pulling it back and readying it for fire. A evil grin slid across Lauriels soft red lips.

"What's going on here?!"


"Grahhg.. What.. is this-ahh.."

Lauriel had to quickly turn around upon hearing the voice calling out, it was a Shinobi guard. Unlucky for him he couldn't see what was going on with Lauriel and the other girl, only the dead man laid near the shop who had made the wrong move by hitting on Lauriel. The Shinobi guard, also making the wrong move, by bringing attention to him self - now had a arrow through his chest. Living long enough to realize he was a dead man before his heart stopped, and he fell limp to the ground. Lauriel turned her attention to the poor, whimpering woman still on the ground, trying to crawl away but not getting too far in a hurry. With a shake of her head in disgust, Lauriel took out another arrow from behind her cloak, linking it onto the bow. Pulling the string back she slowly raised the bow, aiming down at the beautiful young girl again. She would die if no one showed up to save her. It was up to the Yuki-nin to stop these Barbarians.

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