A Friendly Clarification

-This section deals with things not found on the common shinobi. These can and will include; Demons, Spirits, Transformations, Unique Chakra, and others. Please place you creations in the proper Sub-Forums, and read the templates carefully.
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A Friendly Clarification

PostPosted by Love » Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:55 pm

To address the problem of misplaced profiles that I seem to be noticing, here's a very simple guideline of the three section the Unique Ability Creation Section covers. [The emphasis here is on simple].

Demon Section
If the traits your character is taking on is derived from an secondary being of any sort [demon, angel, unicorn, your pet fido getting sealed into you because you didn't pay attention in Fuuinjutsu class] then it belongs in the demon section.

Seal Section
Anything being derived from a seal (but no secondary being) belongs here. Remember before this section was created we had in its place a Seal Section, which was more then rightfully equipped to deal with seals. Just because we have a Special Creation Section now doesn't mean that everything should go in this fun new section. If the ability your after transforms you temporarily into a new state of being, it should to through the Transformation Template.

Special Creation
In considering your ability, you should first ask if the ability should or could belong in the first two section. If not, then you've found the reason why the Special Creation Section was made. These are abilities of a single individual that don't fall into any other category you had to chose from before the section was made. [Born with a special chakra color, experiment to permanently morph your body (unlike the temporary change of a transformation seal), medical experiment to transplant a doujutsu (don't you dare think of this as a licenses to try and get a Sharingan, even for non-dead clans you have to snatch the eye ICly before making use of it)] All these and things like it are examples of things that belong in Special Creation.

Hope this clarifies things.
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