The Wolves of the Sea. [[Chapter 2]]

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The Wolves of the Sea. [[Chapter 2]]

PostPosted by Kenjuro » Sun May 16, 2010 3:19 am


~The Wolves of the Sea~

A name known well through out the Sea, their stories of no good even travel inland to the most remote villages. Kirigakure knows about this scum all to well, for years Captain Jon 'Bones' Gurren has crusaded against the Land of Mist, and although Bones has sway with many of the other Pirates out on the Sea, a large percent see his actions as a grudge held for far too long, and do not trust his judgment or leading abilities. It wouldn't be too long before a true leader would reclaim his place, however. It wasn't propaganda or lies that circled through out the Sea Lovers when they were to say Bones holds a Grudge, it's true. He has three generations of Hate built up inside of him, he despises Kirigakure and it isn't some thing that he keeps to him self, either. Both Bones' Dad (Lagann Gurren), and Grandfather(Juvi Gurren) died because of Kirigakure. Bones' Grandfather, Juvi, used to serve on a ship with 'Captain Flaff', Goshinou Rariwari. Juvi was also the first mate of Rariwari, and known for being a skilled swordsmen. Juvi arguably could be the reason the Mist Seven was formed, after pitching the idea to the Mizukage of the time.

Juvi died the day Kirigakures Destroyer ship ripped apart Captain Flaffs vessel. The ship was split in two, and Juvi happened to be on the opposite half to his Captain. Waves of Hunter-Nin boarded, and he fought off all he could. In the end he died with a primal laugh of vengeance, still slashing and cutting at Kirigakures Hunter-Nins as they stabbed and slashed the Pirate, eventually he fell dead. As for Lagann Gurren, after hearing of his Fathers death at a young age, he trained him self to get revenge. Along the way he had his own son, Jon Gurren, and filled the boys heart with hatred from a young age. Lagann died after an invasion against Kirigakure, however it was only small. One ship with a few close friends, it was meant to be a stealthy assassination of the Kage, but they were found out and killed trying to get to the Mizukage.

Bones had held this grudge with intent of destroying Kirigakure, but he couldn't do it alone. He was a famous Pirate, many people didn't trust him - even other Pirates. He was feared, and hated for many reasons. He had no connections left on dry land, only within the waters, and those in the waters believed he lacked the discipline, wisdom and Captains Judgment for such a mission like taking out Kirigakure, if they were going to go through with such a war they wanted some one with experience. They had offered a few names of older Captains still sailing the seas, but Bones refused. He didn't want to go through with the plan unless he was in charge, it was his goal to be the destroyer of Kirigakure. No one else..

....................Image............No doubt he had the reputation, 'Captain Bones' of the Wolves of the Sea. 'Bones of the 30 Blades' known for having swordsmen skills beyond that of even his Grandfathers, which is saying a lot considering Juvi was arguably one of the reasons the Mist Seven was created. He was ruthless, but he was also young and Naive, and it was his downfall when it came to something that needed tactics. When it came to looks he actually resembled Juvi greatly, more so then his own father. But his wisdom wasn't near that of Juvi's, or even Laganns - and both had fallen to Kirigakure with rather ease. It was getting to the point where Bones was desperate, he would have to find some way to sway the other Pirate Captains to agree to the attack, or hell just do it him self and probably die before reaching the Mizukage's building.

He knew his crew were loyal, and his ship 'The Wolf' would always be loyal. But loyalty wasn't everything, in a world where treachery and betrayal was common you needed much more then Loyalty. Cunning, smarts, gut instinct. Although Bones had these qualities, they weren't developed enough to be great. He was still a feared Captain, but he was more known for his Ruthless ways rather then anything that involved intelligence. He was a brute, that was for sure. Just looking at him you could tell. Some one who wears bone armor forged from fallen enemies and strange beasts probably wasn't some one who'd be a push over, plus he was build like a tank.

Regardless, he was running out of ideas and patience. He needed to find a way, any way. Little did he know it was about to be delivered to him, the opportunity to get revenge on Kirigakure after three generations of hatred. Oblivious to what was about to happen, Bones awoke from his slumber in his Captains chamber, and went on his way to the deck of his ship while strapping his Armor on.



It was a dark Miserable night, clouds were rolling over head as black as the night it self. The sea was rough, and waves beat against the side of the ship making it sway violently. The Wolf could withstand the waves, the wind, the impact of the harsh mistress Pirates knew as the Sea, and the Wolves of the Sea being the crew of the ship, could handle just as much. They worked furiously, shouting and yelling, soaked from the waves splashing over the edges of the ship and showering them in salt water. Bones smiled, and smelled the sea air before laughing and hurrying him self to steer the ship. He bellowed out, shouting orders to his Crew, before breaking into a Sea shanty. The crew gathered in, all of them singing of their fame known through out the sea and land.

"With a Hi-hi Ho! And a Hi-hi Hey!

"Were hoisting the flag to be free!
We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go!"

"We are Wolves of the Sea!"

Furious waves rocked into the side of the Ship, slamming it from side to side as the men on deck scuttled around, working vigorously to keep the ship up-right and sailing on it's course. With a loving grin Bones looked into the sky, listening to the thunder crash through the clouds like the waves against the ship, watching the lightening light up the sky. His clothes fluttered about in the Gail storm wind, as it blew across the ocean with an icy, harsh whip. The crew laughed, and continued singing, enjoying this type of weather and sea life. This is what the lived for, well apart from plundering and everything else bad a Pirate would do.

"With a Hi-hi Ho! And a Hi-hi Hey!"

"Were bound to be close to the Sea!"

"Our captain will stand on the bridge and sing!"

"Pirates are all we can be!"

"With a Hi-hi Ho! And a Hi-hi Hey!

"Were hoisting the flag to be free!
We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go!"

"We are.."

"Wolves of the Sea!"

Suddenly everything seemed to come to a calm. The Sea flattened, and the waves died down completely. The wind even stopped, as the sails fluttered down, no longer being pushed by the brute force breeze. The crew begun looking around, a little confused on why the weather pretty much dropped completely, usually if it was going to die down it would give a little warning, where as this time it just vanished. The dark clouds still hung in the air, as silent lightening lit up the clouds, flashing through the sky as a heavy rain begun to tumble from the sky, pattering down onto the deck of the ship. Apart from the rain tapping at the wooden ship, everything was quiet, Bones eyebrow arched up, as he gritted his teeth before slinging him self around. His hands gripped onto the hilts of his blades strapped by his sides, as he took a stance looking towards the back of the Helm where there was a dark, shadowed figure standing.

"Aye! Who dares to be on MY SHIP!?"

Bones didn't allow his crew members on the Helm, so who ever this was..

The stranger wasn't apart of the Crew.

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Re: The Wolves of the Sea. [[Chapter 2]]

PostPosted by shuu » Sun May 16, 2010 7:32 pm

Making two posts. I feel that they should be separate, primarily due to subject matter and the first is more of a description of him and his new found abilities rather then me actually roleplaying as him. The second will come shortly, don't post in between.

Captain Flaff was a monster among the men who knew him in his days alive, in both the manner he treated people and his physical appearance. He was the stuff of nightmares, and this was partially intentional. Fear was a great tool at sea.

Brought from undeath however, he achieved much more in that regard then he ever could as a mortal. His body moved with a mechanical swing, strong yet unsecure, as if his arm might fly out at any moment and shoot itself towards you like a spear, his legs didn't bend much, giving the illusion from far away that he was pegged in both of his legs. However, the majority of these strange movements was because he was underwater. Not only was he not used to walking for fifty some odd years, he never actually "walked" under water like this, so it was more of a challenge. But, he managed. Since his chance encounter with Shuraba at the depths of the ocean, his skeleton had been bewitched.

Shuraba, through several chakra based arts that the Captain just as well regarded as magic and nonsense, had given him human form. The sands of the ocean that surrounded him rose to his skeleton, compacting around it to form a sandy, wet, pulpous mass of pseudo-muscle, gifted with the blood of small sea life that was ground up in the process. Scales from all manner of... scaled beings were amassed right off their hides, falling from the fish, sharks, and other such things and floating towards the pirate, coating his naked body and forming an off teal suit of "skin". With a bush of seaweed soaked in rum and stained brown for his hair, he began to stand up, and from there experiment with his odd gait.

Of course, worse of all, he had no vision. Before departing, Shuraba had told him that he had newfound powers over the sea, and such he decided to test them out. Closing his empty eye sockets, he calmed his mind. Opening his empty eye's, he instantly swung his body around, his left hand pointed off into the distance. A crash was heard, and several shells burst, and floating through the sea came two black pearls. A rarity, they had zoomed through the ocean from where ever they were to heed the Captain's call. They almost magically pushed themselves into the pirate's empty eyes, completing him. Blinking several times, he gained his vision, something he would need to destroy the Water Country.

Also something he would need to destroy the water country, would be an army. He was given several tools by Shuraba, and one of which he decided just now to conceal. With another contortion of his body in an almost random direction, came several clouds of shark scales, arranging themselves into a sharkskin glove for the man's left hand. Fitting itself, it tightened, and quickly grew into a gauntlet. His left palm was scarred with something he would not show anybody but the Mizukage himself: The Black Spot. Capable of killing someone from just seeing it, he was determined to use the sea's most feared weapon on the one man who evoked the wrath of the sea itself. Opening his mouth, he laughed. He was ready. A wicked smile on the man's face, he held his arms down infront of him, the fingers spread outward and towards the ocean floor.

Turning his hands so his palms face upward, struggling as if he was dealing with something other then just water here, his arms bent at the elbow, struggling all the way, lifting the arms up.

As he begun to move, a giant cracking was heard yet again on the ocean floor. In front of him, for each twitch of his arms upward, rose a step of coral. He was making a stairway to the surface. The final step larger then then rest, it was a platform to whence he would call upon his delivery. Finished, his hands, now above his head, dropped to his side as if a terrible burden had been lifted off of them. Hunkering himself up the steps, he made his ascent.

With a clang, he stepped upon the final platform, now above the seas. His body was drenched, water poured from every orifice. Opening his mouth, his teeth, long gone, replaced by barnacles, let loose a torrent of water. Licking his lips with his tentacle of a tongue, the man was truly a beast of the seas now.

Thinking for a brief moment, he would require transport. He was given domain over the seas, perhaps he possessed equal domain over the bosom of which the sea's evenly nourishment, rain, fell from? Could he control the clouds as well?

Rising his left hand in a faux salute, he yanked it down violently. As he did so, piece of a storm cloud above fell, somehow staying in form as it fell next to him. Smiling with surprise at his own abilities, he took a stride into the cloud and vanished.
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