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Poison Creation Template.

PostPosted by Kipper[0308] » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:08 am

Poison Guidelines:

Poisons, the wonderful gases and liquids that many characters love to use on weapons and as weapons themselves. This template does not apply to those who have the poison chakra element, those poisons have to be approved in the jutsu section because well, they can be created on the fly and sprayed from where-ever the person chooses. This template is more for those who use it on weapons, for example; coating blades with poisons, coating puppet weapons with poison, making poison gas bombs, etc.

Poison Name:
Poison Rank:
Poison Effect(s):
[ Turn 0 / Turn of Infection/Injection ]
[ Turn X / Effect ]


Let us go section by section and explain these fields, shall we?

Poison Name Can be anything you like, something stupid, something smart, something catchy… Doesn’t matter as long as its there

Posion Rank The rank is generally from E-S but we can’t have Genin running around with S rank poisons, so the below table shows which rank can use what rank poison.
    Genin ranked shinobi can use E-C rank poisons
    Chuunin ranked shinobi can use E-B rank poisons
    Jounin ranked shinobi can use E-A rank poisons (and under certain circumstances can use S rank, those circumstances will be described below)
    Sennin/S-rank/Kage ranked shinobi can use E-S rank poisons

The certain circumstances I spoke of are as follows:
~~ The shinobi in question was taught/given by another Jounin or a Sennin/S-rank/Kage how to make this poison
~~ The shinobi in question researched on how to make extremely effective poisons, and then went further as to use that research to make the poison
{Note: These only involve rank higher poisons, EX: Genin gaining B rank poisons, or Chuunin getting A rank poisons, or Jounin getting S rank poisons}

In both cases link(s) will be needed, and RP will be judged to see if it was a like I'm a moron reason or just a “yea here” type of topic…

Poison Effect(s) Ah the meat of where most likely the chopping and dicing on Supaiku’s and myself’s part will occur here. Poison no longer use “time” because everyone’s sense of time on this site is different. IC you will still refer to time for the passing effects of the poison but it’ll only progress through each post the person WHO IS INFECTED posts (not your posts and there posts, just there’s). Now your poison has two paths it could follow, these paths I call the “Hit’em all at Once” or the “Hit’em as it grows”.

The first path “Hit’em all at Once” means that the post takes X amount of posts to work and during those posts the person feels nothing. Then at post X the person gets hit with the full effect of the poison right away.

The second path, “Hit’em as it grows” means that at Post X, then X happens. Followed by at Post Y, then Y and X happen. Which is followed by at Post Z, then Z, Y, and X happens. Now onto the part about what poisons can do and how long it should take for them to effect a person. Below is the chart I have nicely put together as guidelines for the time.

    Genin Poisons which are E-C ranked poisons generally. These poisons will be limited to 5 or 6 posts of time to take the full effect. (More so the higher number then lower)
    Chuunin Poisons which are B ranked poisons generally. These poisons will be limited to 4 or 5 posts of time to take the full effect. (More so the higher number then lower)
    Jounin Poisons which are A ranked poisons generally. These poisons will be limited to 3 or 4 posts of time to take the full effect. (More so the higher number then lower)
    Sennin/S-rank/Kage Poisons which are S rank poisons generally. These poisons will be limited to 2 or 3 posts of time to take the full effect. (More so the higher number then lower)

Now the abilities of these poisons can’t be put into guidelines because well. The effects are anything your mind can come up with. But there are just a few guidelines for the effects.

    Lethal Poisons Lethal poisons will be restricted to Jounin for the most part unless a Chuunin is taught how to put together a Lethal poison by a Jounin who has knowledge in Lethal poisons. (Link will be needed)
    Paralysis Poisons Full body Paralysis poisons can be done by C and up ranked poisons. A Full Body Paralysis poison will take the full amount of time to take effect for C and B ranked poisons. Poisons that are A and S ranks will be able to fully paralyze a person in less amount of time but will be judged on a case by case bases

The list, will most likely be added to as time goes on.

Story This part is self explanatory, it’s a 4 line (or more) explanation of how your character came to have the poison in their possession.

Just Copy and Paste the following into your topics for your equipment that uses poisons:
Code: Select all
[b][u]Poison Name[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Poison Rank[/u]:[/b]
[b][u]Poison Effect(s)[/u]:[/b]
[ Turn 0 / Turn of Infection/Injection ]
[ Turn X / Effect ]


[hr][/hr][b][u][i]Non-Weapon Related[/i][/u]:[/b]
[list]-[b]Chakra Element[/b]:
-[b]Link to Jutsus[/b]:
-[b]Link to Clan/Seal/demon[/b]:
-[b]Link to Character[/b]:

This message has been brought to you by Aporo “The Puppet Mod” and Supaiku Hantaa “The Everything Else Mod”

{{If you have any questions PM myself}}

EDIT by Aporo: As you can see, the Non-Weapon Related part of the Equipment Template was added here as well. It now spans across all the Templates of the Equipment section and will remain as such I hope. It'll speed up the approving process for everyone since it provides us with a link to jutsus/seals/clans/demons/character and the elements of the character. Therefore preventing us from having to post asking for "character link" or "jutsu link" or "clan link" XD
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