Equipment Creation Template.

Here in this section, you may create custom equipment for your character. As always, read the stickies, and heed the moderators. What will you forge?

★This is a replacement for the original section. Below you can find a link to the original Equipment Section. But please use this section for any New creations.
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Equipment Creation Template.

PostPosted by Kipper[0308] » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:11 am

Yea, I know it's quick, but these things aren't hard to make. Copy the code in, and fill the requirements.


    -Looks: Just put as much detail as needed so that we can understand what it is. If its a normal sword, just put "This is a normal looking katana." That is all.

    -Capabilities: Enough detail so that we can easily understand what it does.

Non-Weapon Related:
    -Chakra Element:
    -Link to Jutsus:
    -Link to Clan/Seal/demon:
    -Link to Character:

If the item has no abilities at all, and is not special in any way (Like a sword or fan that you can buy in the real world.) it does not need to be approved.

Non-Weapon Related:
This is my new section. People try to sneak around the rules by adding new elements to their character by giving themselves special weapons. This will no longer be missed, you must put your character’s main element in the space provided, regardless of impact on equipment. The jutsu & character link will confirm your element, and the clan/demon/seal link, well, that will be for reference, and it is only needed is relevant to the equipment.

Code: Select all



[hr][/hr][b][u][i]Non-Weapon Related[/i][/u]:[/b]
[list]-[b]Chakra Element[/b]:
-[b]Link to Jutsus[/b]:
-[b]Link to Clan/Seal/demon[/b]:
-[b]Link to Character[/b]:
some other link.
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