Number One Rule:

Here in this section, you may create custom equipment for your character. As always, read the stickies, and heed the moderators. What will you forge?

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Number One Rule:

PostPosted by Kipper[0308] » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:12 am

Okay, now. This is for EVERYONE on the site. When creating some equipment, stick to the following rule.

Do not stray too far from what you have seen in the Naruto world.

Sure, you can have some special things that are unique, but nothing to advances or futuristic. Do not make anything super over powered, or unbelievable for the Naruto world. If you start getting to technical and advances, things get stricter, everything becomes awkward and uncomfortable. So, stick to the simple rule. Again.

Make sure it makes sense in the Naruto world, and do not stray too far from the sources the Anime/Manga have given you.


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