Barret v. Souzen v. Shoki v. Daisuke (v. Kai and Akemi)

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Re: Barret v. Souzen v. Shoki v. Daisuke (v. Kai and Akemi)

PostPosted by Saga » Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:24 pm

It was really interesting to see how the Konoha and Suna forces were having so many problems communicating with each other but on the up and up, at least he'd have enough information with which to make an important enough case file. Noticing that Baretto was hobbling over to him, Shoki lent the man a decent bit of attention so as to make sure that he wasn't being followed. Apparently he'd taken care of the puppet loser from before. The numerous puppets in the sky were no longer a factor needing to be dealt with and since the current set were on their side then obviously it could be assumed that things were nearing the end. Good for them, bad for Shoki, now he'd have to return to Kiri and deal with whatever drama had occurred in his absence. Sighing, he watched on as things continued to occur. At least he'd learned how to seal a demon after all of this.
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Re: Barret v. Souzen v. Shoki v. Daisuke (v. Kai and Akemi)

PostPosted by Love » Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:56 pm

"Kid! It's being sealed already, we're not gonna take it back with us anyway...are you high or something?"

"What if I be?" However, that wasn't the point. Daisuke didn't have much of any training in any brand of sealing that could work on a Bijuu other then that what Suna possesses, so how was he supposed to know that the sealing process was already in progress, or that it couldn't be turned off. Expected places turned, Daisuke advised another way to help, not wanting to try and step in on a sealing he didn't understand by throwing his chakra at it. Unless if the Konoha-nin gave him such instructions, he wasn't going to try anything to speed it up, as it likely would end up screwing it up. "Fine by me dan, let me know if I can help'n. Chi, help secure da area." Not that there was much the rat could do. They were on the top of a giant bone-like platform without cover, so there wasn't much fortification that could be done. Instead, Daisuke and his rat summons would remain alert in order to protect their helpful Konoha companion.

At the comment about Gouka, Yozora just smirked. The rat could tell the bluff, and if this "Three" was anything like the dimwit he had just been given the pleasure of axing in two, then Gouka had nothing to worry about. However, even with the smirk at the one comment, the rat didn't give a chuckle until the puppet started mouthing off about summons. "You're one to talk considering that you're a summons yourself." Before further interaction could occur, though, the puppet vanished, as would be expected from a defeated summons.

"Hm, told you." Yozora replaced his axe onto his back, and then dove, like a diver, into the ground, burrowing through it as a swimmer cuts through water, all in the direction of where the real show was being made.

Earth Dance is being used again, but I believe we all have seen it by now, and this is the last go around anyway.
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Re: Barret v. Souzen v. Shoki v. Daisuke (v. Kai and Akemi)

PostPosted by Kaiowa » Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:46 am

"Then that makes sense!" Kai replied. He didn't quite know how this guy could help, disregarding him being high, but that the sealing process went surprisingly smoothly. "Just keep a watch while I finish this up, it shouldn't take much longer." Kai said. The pupil's of the Shukaku were all that was distinguishable from the tan chakra mass that was slowly being drained from under the construct to the scroll as it let out it's final few distinguishable roars. Within seconds, the flowing from underneath ceased, and the chakra from the Sand Demon was being sucked in the scroll like a gas to a vacuum. After the last of the chakra was gathered, the great scroll unraveled swiftly, wrapping around the remaining mass. Seals became apparent in the forms of burnt kanji and incantations forged in sparks, marking the Shukaku's capture.

As soon as the scroll hit the canister, a great puff of smoke appeared to hide the dispelling of Kai's great construct, letting Daisuke, Chi, Kai, and the scroll fall, though nothing Kai couldn't handle himself. Akemi should have known to stop her sealing jutsu, the target was subdued and there was no more use for it.

When the smoke cleared, Kai's mask was fitted onto his face once again, his eyes widened with realization of the task he had completed. He. He stood straight and proud with no expression to convey through his skull veil, only the scroll dug in behind him as his trophy for the mission he and Akemi took. He lifted his left arm to signal Akemi to get over to where he and the stoner were, and with a swift arrival, he spoke. "Done. Does this thing have a destination right now?" he asked.

Right to post from what I've been told to finish up the sealing. Nothin' more to say that wouldn't make me sound like a jackass, so have fun.
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Re: Barret v. Souzen v. Shoki v. Daisuke (v. Kai and Akemi)

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:05 am

[Yay, it's over! Thanks for playing.]
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