Seal Weaknesses.

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Seal Weaknesses.

PostPosted by Kipper[0308] » Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:18 am

Having trouble with a finding a weakness to your Curse seals/Demons? Well fret nomore! Below, I have listed a few acceptable weaknesses for a seal, in weakest to strongest. However, if your seal is strong, please dont try and post Prayer as its weakness. Be realistic

1. Prayer: In order to activate the seal, the user must pray to a god. This is considered to be a downside because it takes an extended amount of time before being unleashed.

2. Physical Body strain: Everytime this seal is used, the body of the user is put under great strain. When the seal is used up, the user will be extremely tired for a certain amoun of time.

3. Mental strain: Everytime this seal is used, the mind of the user is corrupted by the use of the seal. This is irreversable, once the effects are applied they cannot be changed. To ensure you are doing this right, you must post here a link to the threads where you unleashed it, and must list a state of personality for each number of threads, to the amount of threads it takes for you to become fully evil.

4. Chakra Loss: Everytime this seal is used, the user gains an emense amount of chakra. However, when it retracts, the seal takes away the same amount as was given. This allows for a system of checks and balances.

5. Loss of senses: Upon the seal retracting, the user will have blurred vision, strange touch, scratching hearing, stopped up smell, and strange tastes. If used prolongly, they will loose these sense's completly.

6. A coma: Each time this seal is used, the user will be under great strain once it recoils. So much, in fact, that they will faint directly on the spot, leaving them unconcous for a day. Upon awaking, they will have extreme fatique.

7. Chakra system destruction: Every time this seal is used, a certain amount of the chakra system is decayed. This is because of the extreme amount of chakra unleashed from the seal into the chakra system.
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