The Northern Desert || General Description

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The Northern Desert || General Description

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Northern Desert
|||North of Sunagakure|||

||The Unexplored||
||Kaze no Iwaya | The Cavern of the Winds||


The Cave of Winds is a massive subterranean structure that is naturally formed within the mountainous regions of the Land of Wind, to the North of Sunagakure. Though this arduous trek to the mountains is a long one, the cave acts as a perfect training ground for more advanced shinobi, as there are many peril and dangers hidden within the dark, dense, damp environment of the cave.

The cave itself is made up of miles upon miles of tunnels, complete with gagged rock walls, stalagmites and stalactites, and the ever present danger of an unexpected cave-in. Though it is possible to activate explosive notes within the cave, and action that is similar to such will risk the structural integrity of the region of the cave.

The tunnels within the cave are not straightforward. They loop, twist, and have sudden drop offs, and it is more then likely that one could end up turned around, essentially having walked within a circle to where one began. The cave is dark, and only a few small regions of it are lit by a strange glowing fungus that is native to the cave. However, for the most part, the cave varies between darkness, and pitch black abyss, so you shall have to find a means of lighting your way, else you may very wall fall from a steep cliff onto jagged spikes below.

The cave has its own ecosystem within it. However, much like the Forest of Death, this is not an ecosystem for the gentle viewer. Typical animal species within the cave grow to large statues. Normal bats are roughly three sizes larger then average. Perhaps more impressive then this are the giant centipedes that are measured in feet, and not inches [similar tot he one Naruto killed in his Chuunin Exam]. Even worse then the larger then life versions of animals, are the more deranged creatures of the cave. Besides the occasional rarity of finding a undocumented species, scientist from the Land of Winds have been able to devise that caves such as these act has nesting grounds for Sandworms, of which Suna has most recently fallen prey too. You may very well find a nest of worm eggs, but worse then this is finding the mother that defense the nest.

While the cave is dangerous for all the reasons stated above, there is a final unique features that gives the cave it's name. The unique structure and tunnels within the cave act as a natural amplifier for gust of wind that enter through the tunnels. Frequently, those within the cave will find themselves prey to massive gusts of wind that are more then enough to throw you back, and remove your footing. The winds usually pass quickly, but grow stronger as you get towards the center, and so you must always been weary to find cover is possible when you hear the approaching howl of the wind. However, the first step is finding out what the howl means, as you have not been informed of where the cave got its name from.

While the cave is one of the most dangerous and comprehensive training grounds within the Land of Wind, this is not a survival exam. Though you will have to survive many perils if you find yourself caught within the cave there is a guiding light. At the center of the cave is a large spherical room. This room is marked by a giant glowing toadstool that stands the height of a building, and so this area of the cave is the best lit. In this chamber there is a wall of smooth rock, and upon the rock is the name of all Sunagakure shinobi that have passed this examination grounds; the noble and the good.

||Kyoujin no Botsu | The Rise of Interpretation||

The desert is home to many naturally formed structures that are the end result of thousands of years of erosion, and within the Land of Wind, the landscape is caved out by the winds that flow across it. Northwest of Sunagakure, but no to the extend where one enters into the Westlands, there is a cliffside that has received notable attention over the years. This cliff is known as the Kyoujin no Botsu!

The origin of this name is widely disputed amongst the people of the Land of Wind, for the meaning of Kyoujin is a very diverse one, representing three separate schools of Kanji. Thus, there are three different stories behind the mountain, each one likely to possess some truth and some falsity. [Botsu is a simple word that means 'rise'.]

Kyoujin the Strong

The first interpretation is the most noble one. The word Kyoujin is sometimes intended to mean 'Strong', and so labeling the rigorous mountain side as The Rise of the Strong gives some grander to the ascension. According to this interpretation, the mountain was used by nomadic tribes in their test of strength. This was one of the test used to determine the leader of the various tribes, and so only the strong could make the tough climb to the top of the plateau. The man that made it to the top in the shortest time was revered as being blessed by the ancient gods, and a festival would be held in his honor. However, in a more gruesome since, the mountain was said to be able to tell if the ones who challenged it were weak of heart, and to those men, it would place a curse. Those that did not possess the strength the mountain demanded would be cast down from it, into a vertical fall that lead straight to their death.

Kyoujin the Assassin

Kyoujin is also a word that can mean 'assassin's dagger'. In this case, the mountains meaning becomes The Rise of the Assassin's Blade. This interpretation of the mountain is more recent then the other three, but still several hundred years old. It was said that the cliffside was used once by a guild of assassins, defectors of Sunagakure. These rough ninja used the plateau as a base, one with a wide view of the land around it so that they could never be surprised by approaching threats. As assassins, they were killers for hire, and throughout their careers they amassed a great deal of wealth. Eventually, this guild would travel further west, and would be among the first to corrupt the Westlands. While their wealth was taken with them, it is said that they left something behind upon the mountain, well guarded, so that only members of the guild could identify its location.

Kyoujin the Lunatic

The last of the stories takes on the final definition of the word, which can be used as a word for 'madman'. In this case, the mountain's name becomes The Rise of the Lunatic. This interpretation of the legend of the mountain states that an ancient trickster god was banished from the heavens for his deeds, and mad to suffer by imprisonment. It is told that he was placed beneath the mighty mountain, chained, and forced to carry the weight of the earth upon his back. However, this god, whose symbol was the coyote, was able to end messages to his minions. Thus, the coyotes that live upon the small landings of the mountain said are the servants to the god, and it was said by nomadic men that these beast were capable of driving those who got near to the mountain insane from their unnatural ability to cast powerful genjutsu upon those travelers unlucky enough to come across their path. Most notably, the coyote were said to cause men to commit suicide by leaping off the mountain's side.

||Machi no Sachi | The Village of Fortune||


Sachi, with a name that literally translate to fortune, is a village once prosperous in the Land of Wind. The town itself was founded over a hundred years ago, originally started as a mining village. The Land of Wind, with the most expansive territory in all of the shinobi world, being the largest of the ninja nations, is mostly composed of desert lands. However, even such lands as these can be rich within minerals. In the case of Sachi, it was not gold, silver, nor any other precious metal that had drawn prospectors to rush towards the area, thereby giving life to a new village there, but salt. Yes, salt of all things. Something so simple, and yet so necessary that it can turn quite the profit. Salt is needed at all times for cooking, and the demand in everyday life is deeply rooted. Thus, the mining community aimed at mining and exporting the rich deposit of salt found within the earthen realm north of Sunagakure within the desert. The formation of this village, originally small in size, attracted more then just prospectors and their employees. Entire families were moved out along with the working men, and the formation of a bustling village attracted nomadic tribes from around the area. It was not long at all until Sachi was placed upon the map, but it was just as fast that it disappeared. When the salt mines began to run dry, interest was lost within the town. The economy of the village was ripped out from under it, and the middle class was left to suffer in an abandoned town. For a few years people attempted to maintain their lives in this village. However, the numbers of the villagers dwindled, as more either left or died. Now, Sachi stands as a ghost town that has not seen life for nearly fifty years. The buildings, at least those that still stand, are tattered and rundown. The old salt factory is the most erie sight left standing amongst the ghosts of the town, but who knows what else one will find here.

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