Clan [Organization] Creation Template and Rules.

Forge the path between the great and greatest. This section will allow you to not only create a powerful Kekkei Genkai, but an entire history and culture. Become like the Hyuuga, well-known and powerful, or like the Uchiha, coveted and feared. The choice is yours.
★This is a replacement for the original section. Below you can find a link to the original Clan Section. But please use this section for any New creations.
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Clan [Organization] Creation Template and Rules.

PostPosted by olordyx » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:35 am

[ | Custom Clan Template | ]

The Custom Clan Template can be found below. After each of the descriptions there is a "code" section where, well, the code for the template can be found. Copy and paste that into your clan profile and complete it to the best or your ability. You should, hopefully, read [at least skim] everything on this page so at least you have a general idea of what needs to be done. If you have any questions you can PM a Moderator [carcinoGeneticist].

| Miscellaneous Notes |
  • The title of your topic should include, simply, your clan name.
  • Do not bump. The Moderator[s] knows your clan exists and they will get to it.
History//Legend of the Clan:

This section will include a background story on how your specific clan was conceived. The easiest way to write this section is a few simple sentences about where the clan came from and how. Including a village or country they were born in is always helpful as well as any additional material about who, what, why, when, where and how. This section should be detailed enough so that anyone who looks at your clan would be able to tell something very specific about it. I implore each member who is writing a clan to try their best on this section. As such, this section has a 200 word requirement.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

This is, by far, the most important section of your entire profile and should be where you spend the most time. In this section you will describe your clans abilities and the mechanics behind the abilities. Make the Kekkei//Genkai interesting, broad, and inclusive. You're not the only one that might want to use your clan in the future so do the best job you are capable of. As far as approval goes, this section will be under the most scrutiny.

If you're having trouble a nice formulaic model to follow is as such: My clan can do "_______" because of "_________". And, really, that is it. There is no such thing as an ability without some basis behind it. If you're having trouble finding something that would make your clan plausible, attempt using an advanced element. An advanced element is a valid basis for most if not all abilities. Otherwise, because this section should be the most thorough of any section it has a 200 word requirement. However, note, any moderator reserves the right to ask for more than the minimum word requirement for a particular section if they believe you not have sufficiently explained yourself.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: I would suggest, primarily, attaching a link to your clans specific set of jutsu here. Otherwise, in this section, include how your specific clan members develop their abilities and certain aspects of how rank functions in learning their abilities. This is a "how" question of how your character learned their abilities as no shinobi is innately born with the information. This section must be a minimum of twenty-five words.

- Population :: Population is, more than anything else, a way for you to outline the general traits of a clan. General features like eye color, hair color, usual clothing, personality traits, etc should be included here. You should also include what makes this clan different from other people. Habits and general thinking patterns can be included here as well. This section has a fifty word requirement. Population also includes a simple ranking system from A to E. Your clan must fall into one of these classes. On NC there is no such thing as a "dead clan" so don't even try. Classes: Class E = 20 - 50 members. Class D = 50 - 100 members. Class C = 100 - 500 members. Class B = 500 - 1000 members. Class A = 1000+ members.

- Nature//Values :: This section includes a general classification for your clan and their general alliances. If you're having trouble you can simple choose good [idealistic, moral, ethical, supportive of their village and village authority, willing to serve others], neutral [pacifists, non-aggressive, survivalist, centrist], or evil [disillusioned, warped, opposed to authority of most kinds, self-serving]. Also include what your clans most values and what do they consider right/wrong or good/evil. This section should be twenty-five words or more.

Additional Information [Optional]:

Lucky for you, everything else is optional! However, I have outlined a few sections of suggested material that you may or may not include.

- Clan Founder :: Self explanatory.

- Relationship :: Discuss your characters role in relation with their clan.

- Clan Political Structure :: Discuss how the clan is run//who runs it.

- Important Members :: Discuss the important members of your clan. Past or present is fine.


Copy and paste the following into your custom clan topic.

Code: Select all
[size=180][b][u]History//Legend of the Clan[/b][/u]:[/size]

Write here.

[size=180][b][u]Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan[/b][/u]:[/size]

Write here.

[size=180][b][u]Clan Information[/b][/u]:[/size]

- [b]Clan Training[/b] :: Write here.

- [b]Population[/b] :: Write here.

- [b]Nature//Values[/b] :: Write here.

[size=180][b][u]Additional Information [Optional][/b][/u]:[/size]

- [b]Clan Founder[/b] :: Write here.

- [b]Relationship[/b] :: Write here.

- [b]Clan Political Structure[/b] :: Write here.

- [b]Important Members[/b] :: Write here.

[ | Custom Organization Template | ]

Name: Self explanatory.

Founder: Self explanatory.

Location: It can be a village, a meeting place, a headquarters or something of the like. It does not have to have a hard section on the forum.

Purpose: Discuss why your organization exists and what they want to accomplish.

Special Info: Discuss a ranking system [if applicable] and other conditions of members or the organization itself.

Requirements: How does one become a member? What do they have to do? Can you be kicked out and, if so, how?

[Optional Sections]

Organizational Mission Statement: This is a general statement given by the creator to communicate or to clarify how the organization started, how it is run, and what the organization does.

Current Members: Self explanatory.


Code: Select all




[b]Special Info:[/b]


[Optional Section]

[b]Organizational Mission Statement:[/b]

[b]Current Members:[/b]
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Re: Clan [Organization] Creation Template and Rules.

PostPosted by carcinoGeneticist » Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:36 pm

[ | Custom Element Template | ]
~Adapted from the Unique Section's Template

Custom Element: [What is the name of your custom Element?]
Combined Elements: [Which two elements are being combined to create this new one?]

    Main Purpose: [What is the main function of this element? The most "used" function for it.]
    Secondary Purpose[s]: [What are some minor uses for the element?]

    Downside[s]: [Are there any other Downsides to the use of this element?]
    Strength[s]: [Are there any other upsides to using this element?]

Misc. Information
Other Relevant Links: [If needed]

Code: Select all
    [b][u]Custom Element[/u]:[/b] [What is the name of your custom Element?]
    [b][u]Combined Elements[/u]:[/b] [Which two elements are being combined to create this new one?]

    [list][b][u]Main Purpose[/u]:[/b] [What is the main function of this element? The most "used" function for it.]
    [b][u]Secondary Purpose[s][/u]:[/b] [What are some minor uses for the element?]

    [b][u]Downside[s][/u]:[/b] [Are there any other Downsides to the use of this element?]
    [b][u]Strength[s][/u]:[/b]  [Are there any other upsides to using this element?][/list]

    [b][i]Misc. Information[/i][/b]
    [b][u]Other Relevant Links[/u]:[/b] [If needed]
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