Kumogakure no Sato Police Force

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Kumogakure no Sato Police Force

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[◊ K U M O G A K U R E | N O | S A T O | P O L I C E | F O R C E ◊]


[◊ O U R | M I S S I O N ◊]

The Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is the domestic guardian of the Village Hidden in the Clouds, our mission is to maintain Peace, Order, and Civility within our walls. As one of the five great nations our village is constantly under scrutiny, from other villages to simple tourists. The state of our being is under continual judgment. In order to maintain our domestic welfare this department was formed underneath the Rokudaime Raikage. The Hidden Cloud Village is one of morals and ethics, we live up to a higher standard and take pride in ourselves because of this. However, there are those who would wish to see us falter and fall from this and are willing to go to great lengths to damage our precious home. In order to combat these evils while other shinobi are away the Rokudaime Raikage devoted a small squad of shinobi to defend our home from the evils that form inside our walls. That small squad of shinobi was the beginning of this department, and today we model ourselves after the three things those shinobi sought to maintain: Peace, Order, Civility. Without Peace, our village could not operate as a single entity and would fall apart warring amongst ourselves. Without Order, our streets would run rampant with criminals of all sorts, leaving us busy to deal with the cretins while being vulnerable to outside attacks. Without Civility, we could not maintain our moral upstanding and our dealings with each other would surely crumble, collapsing our society as we know it. It is our mission, duty, and privilege to uphold our village to maintain these three precious ideals.

[◊ M O D U S | O P E R A N D I ◊]

The Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is the domestic force for good. While other shinobi are away dealing with unfamiliar enemies the task falls upon us to monitor ourselves. There are those among us who have less than good intentions for others, be they friends, lovers, or family. It is our job to detain and ultimately keep these criminals at bay. Ranging from stolen purses to terrorists cells within our own walls, the Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is never short of work. The department deals closely with the famed BOLT Operations division, providing them intelligence we gather within our own investigations as well as providing and receiving assistance when our missions coincide. As equally, if not more important as everyday shinobi and BOLT Operatives we oversee the well-being of our home. It is due to the nature of our work and missions that we also offer our own promotions and ranks which can help further any shinobi career. This will be mentioned in more detail later on.

Unlike other shinobi and BOLT Ops teams, Police Shinobi operate in two man usually cells consisting of a Sergeant (Chūnin/High Genin) and an Officer (Genin). These details make up the majority of the Police Force and represent the front line of the department. These cells may increase in size depending on the nature of a case. These two man teams are posted throughout the entirety of the village and are the eyes and ears of the department. These cells deal with cases such as theft and domestic violence.

Above these shinobi are the Lieutenant (Chūnin) and Sergeant cells. These details make up a moderate portion of the Police Force and are in charge of the training of Officers. These details deal with cases such as homicide/suicide and kidnappings. These shinobi deal directly with the Captains and Majors of the Police Department.

Captains (High Chūnin/Jōnin) and Majors (Jōnin) are rarely seen out in the field...openly at least. These policemen and woman are the elite of the Police Force. Their tasks vary from instructing new Lieutenants and Sergeants to undercover operations. These nin report directly to the Deputy Chief and Chief of the Police Force. These shinobi dealing closely with BOLT Ops and the ROAR Division of the Police Force, handle cases that encompass serial killings and domestic terrorist cells.

The Deputy Chief (Jōnin) and Chief (Joui Jōnin) of the Police Force are the tip of the sword, having worked their way up from Officer these two people are the epitome of what every Police Force Shinobi should be. In charge of handing out assignments, promotions, and dealings with other programs these people run the Police Force. Reporting directly to the Raikage himself, these two people work closely with the BOLT Ops head and the Raikage himself to deal with domestic affairs. When shit hits the fan, these are the people who pull the plug on the fan and clean up the mess.

    [◊ R . O . A . R . ◊]

    Welcome to ROAR, the Reconnaissance Operations Activism Regiment. This is the special tactics division of the Police Force. In charge of all undercover and intelligence assignments these men and women are the best of the best of the force. Dealing almost side-by-side with BOLT in dealing with domestic affairs these are the agents no one ever sees. Disguised as drug dealers, gang members, and thieves this division is directly in tune with the underbelly of crime. Open to all ranks this division comes with its own set of rules and privileges. These men and women report directly to the Chief and BOLT Commander for all operations. They are the game-changers and aces in our sleeves, prepared to violently overthrow any operation the organization their planted in is executing with the flip of a switch. These shinobi receive extreme and special training in the art of deception and lethal tactics, some passed down directly from BOLT itself. With only 4% of applicants graduating training, do you have what it takes to join the ROAR Division?

[◊ R A N K | & | R E C O G N I T I O N ◊]

Throughout your career as a Police Force shinobi you will be continually bettering yourself be it through missions or training exercises. Whether or intentionally or not your skills will be honed as you progress. It is due to your hard work and this honing of skills that will undoubtedly cause for you to rise through the ranks. As you raise your rank within the Police Force, the Chief will surely take notice and report to the Raikage. As you do more missions and move higher up in ranks it is sufficient to say that these will qualify you for exams into high shinobi ranks such as Chūnin and even Jōnin. As you gain shinobi ranks you'll also earn access to higher Police Force ranks perpetuating your progress as a shinobi and a Police Nin. Promotion Exams are held once a month for Officers and Sergeants who qualify. Lieutenants and above are handed promotion exams according to their merit. Below are listed the Police ranks available to each shinobi corresponding to their Shinobi rank.

    ◊ Officer - Genin

    ◊ Sergeant - High Genin | Chūnin

    ◊ Lieutenant - Chūnin

    ◊ Captain - High Chūnin | Jōnin

    ◊ Major - Jōnin

    ◊ Deputy Chief - Jōnin

    ◊ Chief - Joui Jōnin

[◊ E N T R A N C E ◊]

The Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is open to all ranks for application. The Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is not the BOLT Ops and will not require such grueling entrance exams (except in the cases of joining ROAR). However this does not mean the exam isn't difficult of its own accord. The Kumogakure no Sato Police Force is the first defense against domestic issues and thus must be a force to be reckoned with. Applicants will be put through exams in groups of three to five. If there is not a sufficient group to take an exam with within three days you may granted a solo or duo exam. Shinobi applying for ROAR will be put through solo exams to determine their abilities specific to them. Remember, as a Kumogakure no Sato Police Force Shinobi you must not only be strong and determined but you must epitomize the three ideals we uphold. Peace, Order, and Civility.

Here is the application template. Post it below. For questions please PM a Kumo Mod or [GA]Ryu.

NAME - Name of your character.
RANK - Shinobi Rank
POLICE RANK | R.O.A.R. - The Police Rank you're applying for. Please note if you are applying for R.O.A.R.
LINK - A link to a Complete Profile

Code: Select all
[b]NAME[/b] - Name of your character.
[b]RANK[/b] - Shinobi Rank
[b]POLICE RANK | R.O.A.R.[/b] - The Police Rank you're applying for. Please note if you are applying for R.O.A.R.
[b]LINK[/b] - A link to a [i]Complete Profile[/i]

[◊ T H E | F O R C E ◊]







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Re: Kumogakure no Sato Police Force

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Send any applications to me over PM and I'll give you an exam scenario. These are going to be pretty stringent, so give it your all!
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