52 Week Project: Open to join!

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52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:49 pm

The Dai-NC 52 Week Project

Just a project I'm going to do for myself and am inviting the rest of you to tag along! It's super easy in concept, difficult in execution, and will make you all better writers for participating!

What is the 52 Week Project?

I got the idea from people I watch on deviantArt. They draw one new thing each week following some sort of theme. Some people even do 365 day projects, but that's a little extreme for a writer.

The concept is that you write one new piece every week. It can be a scene or a chapter or a short story or just a fistful of dialog, whatever you want to do, as long as its new and as long as its once a week.

How to do it

There's really no wrong way to do this, but I'm going to put a few guidelines I'm going to follow.

1. Write a new piece every week.

2. The piece should be between 500 and 3000 words. It can be complete or incomplete, in any genre or style, and for any purpose.

3. The piece may follow the week's prescribed theme.

4. When you're done, you'll post it in the thread for that week and admire!

5. A discussion thread will also be posted for people to ask for advice or feedback on their own thing. This is optional.


What are you supposed to write? Well there are a few ways you could go about it.

Free Form: Ignore the theme, just write something. Anything.

Character Hyper-Expansion: You take some character or characters from your RP and try to write scenes and scenarios based on the theme of the week. This is a beginner level method, since you don't have to recreate characters, settings, etc. every single time, just focus on the action content of the story.

TARDIS: You take a set of permanent characters but transpose them into new situations every week, akin to the Doctor and his TARDIS appearing in weird planets and times every week. This is an intermediate technique that allows you to practice creating new environments and characters on a weekly basis, but still have some consistent characters to fall back on.

Change the Channel: Each week is a different set of characters, circumstances, genres, settings, and styles; like flipping through your TV seeing all the different shows go by. This is an advanced level that requires you to create a whole world within a handful of days, and then throw it away and start over.

What do you get out of this?

A bunch of stuff!

Writing is a complex creative process with levels and skill sets. RPing trains a certain number of those skill sets, but doesn't cover all of them. I cover a portion of those skill sets for myself when I work on novels, but I'd like to get my own idea-o-genesis abilities up a little stronger. This allows for that to happen; forcing me to do something new every single week. Most of it will be bad and unusable, but that's not the point: the point is flexing the muscle. Getting your head working on popping stuff out by the barrell full.

Additionally, it's my opinion that writers "level up." When you've written a certain number of words, you automatically grow. How many words that is depends on person to person ; for me it's about 50,000 words per "level." If you participate in this, by the end of the year you'll have written between 26,000 and 156,000 words! That's up to a two whole novels worth of material!

Lastly, it's fun?


There's only one rule.

No complaining.

If you want to join in, join in! If you don't, don't. If you want to, try, and fail, great! If you don't like the prompt for that week and don't do it, good! If you get behind and can't catch up and decide to just skip one, fine!

I don't want a bunch of "bloohoo I tried but this is just too hard woe is me I must not be very creative bluh bluh bluuuuuuuh ;_;"

There is no possible way to fail this. If you only write 200 words for one week's worth of prompt, you're 200 words closer to getting better.

Regardless of what you do or don't do, I'm gonna do this and post it up in here. Feel free to jump in or drop out whenever you feel like.

Hope to see you there, though!
First prompt will begin on Monday.
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Clover » Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:57 pm

I'll try easymode! Sorry, TARDISmode.
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Oddric » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:40 pm

I might actually do this for some background history for my Kouinjotei character.

Don't know if I want to pile on more writing, though. I do enough on here as it is.

We'll see. Cool idea, though.

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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Ketsu » Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:46 pm

I like this. I think I'll start on TARDISmode and work on the last one from time to time. :3 I'm so in.
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Mr.Malo » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:17 pm

Sounds refreshingly progressive.

Count me in.
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Tenkyou » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:06 am

I'm in, I can't promise I will follow any specific theme, I plan on writing a chapter a week. It has to get done. xD
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Yamamoto » Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:52 am

Seems like incredible amounts of fun. I'm in.
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Re: 52 Week Project: Open to join!

PostPosted by Tsuneo » Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:13 am


First prompt us up, btw. Early, I know, but I figured Sunday makes more sense than Monday...
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